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  Unique Vehicles is excited to announce the arrival of a fresh stock of Japanese RHD vehicles! This includes 10 vehicles, including Honda Acty, Mitsubishi Minicab, and Daihatsu mini truck..view detail

Japanese RHD Mini Trucks imported by Unique Vehicles Unique Vehicles NJ is a leading importer and distributor of Japanese vehicles of all types and top Japanese brands. We specialize in RHD mini tr..view detail

Suzuki Carry, Subaru Sambar and Toyota LiteAce Van Arrived Unique Vehicles, one of the  leading importers of JDM mini trucks, minivans, RHD Sedans, Mini Suvs and sports cars from Japan, import..view detail

Good News for JDM Mini Trucks, Minivans and Sedans Lovers Good news for all enthusiast of Japanese mini trucks, vans, sedans and other RHD vehicles. Unique Vehicles brings to you variety of Japanes..view detail

RHD Mini Dump Trucks, Vans  at New York Port Unique Vehicles, a leading importer of Japanese mini trucks, mini vans, Sedans, Mini SUVs and sports cars from Japan, have imported these Right..view detail

Unique Vehicles imported 9 Mini Trucks and Mini Vans Unique Vehicles, regular importer of JDM mini trucks, minivans, RHD Sedans, Mini SUVs and sports cars from Japan, have imported these nine (..view detail

Fresh Stock of Japanese Vehicles Arrived Unique Vehicles, a leading importer and supplier of JDM RHD vehicles of all categories from top Japanese carmakers. We specialize in RHD mini trucks, mini v..view detail

Unique Vehicles, importer and distributor of JDM vehicles from Japan, offer this very clean, low mileage, automatic transmission RHD Mitsubishi Pajero Jr. for sale. This JDM Mitsubishi mini SUV has be..view detail

Unique Vehicles, a leading JDM car importer and dealer based in New Jersey, sold this very clean, free of rust, modified RHD 1994 model Mazda Roadster (Miata) to a client who visited Unique Vehicles&#..view detail

Two RHD Mitsubishi Minicab sold Just sold two RHD Mitsubishi Mini Trucks 4X4 1994 and 1996 models today March 18, 2021 from our yard  located at Livingston, Nj 07039. Unique Vehicles have been..view detail

1996 Suzuki Jimny 4X4 Turbo Engine Unique Vehicles is an automobile importer and distributor of RHD mini trucks, mini vans, mini SUVs and sports cars direct from Japan from all top Japanese brands ..view detail

Unique Vehicles NJ regularly import Japanese Right Hand drive Vehicles into US. These four (4) Japanese used vehicles have been shipped from Kawasaki Port, Japn for Ny port, US. These four vehicles wi..view detail

RHD Honda Acty Mini Pickup Truck Arrived NY Port 1991 model Right Hand Drive Honda Acty mini pickup truck has arrived today from Japan at NY Port. This low mileage 4X4 Honda Acty Mini Pickup Truck ..view detail

Today (July 01, 2020) Unique Vehicles Nj purchased a very low mileage 4X4 Suzuki Carry Pickup truck in Japan. This Mini Truck has been purchased for Unique Vehicles stock and will be shipeed for ..view detail

Unique Vehicles NJ, importer of Japanese used SUVs, purchased today (June 24, 2020) this 1994 model Suzuki Jimny 660 CC Mini SUV with turbo engine in Japan. This Mini Japanese SUV will be shipped from..view detail

Today on 23rd June, another Unique Vehicle purchased in Japan for Unique Vehicles stock. This is 1993 model Right Hand Drive (RHD) 4X4 Suzuki Carry Dump truck with low mileage. Its a rare commercial t..view detail

Today on 22nd June, Unique Vehicles NJ purchased another beautiful 4X4 Daihatsu Hijet mini van for its stock. This 1991 Right Hand Drive (RHD) Daihatsu 4X4 Super Deluxe mini van is a low mileage van e..view detail

Unique Vehicles NJ, one of the leading Japanese used vehicles importer in New Jersey import JDM vehicles from Japan on regular basis. Unique Vehicles's purchase experts carefully select vehicles t..view detail

Unique Vehicles's fresh stock of 1991 model Right Hand Drive Mitsubishi Minicab mini truck has arrived at New York Port from Yokohama, Japan. This JDM Mitsubishi Minicab small truck is legally imp..view detail

Before you decide to import any vehicle into US, you must know about Auto Import Policy of United States of America. As Unique Vehicles is engaged in importing Japanese Used Vehicles only so we have p..view detail

ShafiqSons NJ launches a new website . In order to facilitate Japanese car buyers in US, ShafiqSons NJ will help dealers and individual buyers in US to import quality Japanese ..view detail