Automatic Transmission Used Vehicles


Automatic Transmission is a new prevailing trend in driving vehicles to provide an ease of comfort to the driver to set him free from the mess of manually changing gears over and over. It simply provides the front steering control and a single leg work of pressing up an accelerator pedal and putting the other leg at rest. It is also known as the clutchless or an automatic clutch pedal drive. Auto Transmission provides a true sense of convenience for drivers to thoroughly enjoy their driving. It also provides a good practice for novices to hold their grip on automatically driven cars. Keeping an automatic luxury car has also become a high style fashionable trend in the world.
An automatic transmission system works with the help of a harmonious combination of multiple components such as the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and computerized controls for providing the smooth flow and acceleration for the vehicle. It provides the three main functioning elements including planetary gearing system, fluid coupling, and torque converter.
The planetary gears are also known as epicyclic gears. These are a set of gears which work like a planetary system to rotate and revolve around an axis of the ring gear and sun gear. They provide the function of reducing the size of the gear box and also provide different amounts of torque ratios for automatic power drive acceleration.
Fluid Coupling is a good alternative to a mechanical clutch system as it provides power rotating transmission for the variable speed operations. It was used in both semi-automatic and an automatic speed transmission. Nowadays the hydrodynamic torque converter is most widely used in automobiles.
The hydrodynamic torque converter is the most suitable option in modern automatic transmission vehicles to take the place of a manual clutch pedal system. It has a core function of increasing the rotational torque power of the spinning crankshaft engine to help provide continuous acceleration of the car.
Normally there is five kinds of automatic transmission system popularly known as the front-wheel drive(FWD), rear wheel drive(RWD), four-wheel drive(4WD), all-wheel drive(AWD) as well as hybrid electric automatic transmission.
In the FWD or FF (front engine, front wheel drive) the transmission gear box is designed to work on the front side of the axle helping the front wheels to propel or drag the car in the forward moving direction. In the RWD or FR (front engine, rear wheel drive) the transmission system works as a result of providing the torque power to the rear side wheels to forcefully pull the front engine forward for moving the vehicle ahead.
The Function of AWD and 4WD is almost the same to transmit the power to all four driving wheels for a dynamic and speedy acceleration ride. This kind of drive train is simply ideal for the multi-terrain off-road activities.
The hybrid automatic transmission system works with a well-matched combination of mechanical internal combustion engine and an electrically powered drive-train for the better and efficient driving system.
There are six core automatic speed transmission systems available in different kinds of vehicles such as hydraulic automatic transmission, CVT Transmission, dual clutch transmission, Tiptronic transmission, and Saxomat clutch transmission. The Continuously Variable Automatic transmission is the most commonly used variable speed transmission in automobile vehicles.
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