Used Mitsubishi Minicab for sale

Mitsubishi Mini Cab Mini Trucks for Sale

Mitsubishi Minicab mini truck is a KEI trucks which was initially built for Japanese domestic Market (JDM) but due to its lighter weight, fuel efficiency, durability and versatility it became very popular in US. JDM importers and dealers like Unique Vehicles started importing this utility mini truck as it is very saleable here in US. 

U41T and U42T are the most recent models of Mitsubishi Minicab Mini Trucks which are being imported into US. The major difference between these two models is the drive train. U41T is 4X2 whereas U42T being 4X4. These two models are available in different trims like TS 3 way open key, V Type, TL etc. Most models come with 660 cc petrol engine and 5 speed manual transmission. Few models are equipped with AC but mostly come without AC. Mostly have 5 speed transmission but few come with 4 speed gear. Mini Dump Trucks are also available in Minicab.

Unique Vehicles carry stock of Mitsubishi Minicab Mini Trucks and regularly import Mitsubishi mini trucks from Japan. You can always buy from our ready stock, on route stock or Japan stock or can order from Japan.