Used Honda Acty Mini Trucks and Vans for Sale in USA

Honda Acty Mini Trucks for Sale

Honda Acty is one of the powerful and popular mini trucks in USA. Farmers and off road users like these Right Hand Drive Honda Acty mini trucks. This is one of the reasons why JDM vehicle importers in US, like Unique Vehicles, regularly import Honda Acty mini trucks from Japan. 

History and Specifications of Honda Acty Mini Trucks

The first generation of the Honda Acty was produced from 1977 to 1988 (model series TA,TB,TC,VD,VH) while the second generation came in production in 1988 and went through 1999.   HA3 and HA4 are most frequently imported models of Honda Acty. HA3 is 2WD whereas HA4 is 4X4. Both HA3 and HA4 come with 660 cc petrol engine with mostly 5 speed manual transmission. HA4 also come with SDX which is a popular model in US. HA4 also come with dump body to be used as mini dump truck. Some HA4 models have 3 way open key and are more useful. Some HA3 and HA4 Honda Acty models have factory fitted AC and high in demand in US.

Unique Vehicles, importer of Japanese vehicles, offer variety of Honda Acty Mini Trucks for sale. Interested buyers can reserve their favorite Honda mini trucks on route stock and can also order from Japan through Unique Vehicles.